Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wild card Wednesday: Sock bun curls

Sock bun curls
I keep seeing all these soft curls on Pinterest so I thought that I would start trying them and see how they work. You will need a sock and cut off the toe. Put your hair in a high pony tail and get it damp. Take the sock and  you will roll it up in your hair and sleep in it and in the morning it should look something like this.
This is the video that I watched and It is so much easier to watch that then to explain it.
 This is me and our little girl. We are exited for her to come. She might already be here by the time this post goes up. Just thought I would share my last pregnancy picture with you.
Hope you enjoy your sock curls.

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Carol said...

I've wondered how it really works, also! You're a cute pregnant person and good luck on the new addition! :) You might take a picture in front of something else next time, though. The wreath thingy makes a halo around your head. Thanks for showing the effectiveness of the sock bun curls. :)