Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympic Party!!!

We LOVE the Olympics! And what better way to celebrate this extraordinary showcase of talented athletes by throwing a party for our own talented kids! (Yes... we are totally biased!)
I also have to give a shout out to the Terrace Girls- this party was literally planned and executed in just a few days. And it was an INCREDIBLE success.  So thank you girls!
The party began with our little athletes repeating the Olympic oath and marching in a parade of nations. 

These darling flags were found at Zurchers- they were perfect for our parade! This would be a great time to educate your child about the different countries and the meanings of each of their flags.

Let the games begin! We had several events thanks to our wonderful, amazing neighborhood of creative women. Here is a brief summary of each event and materials needed:
Long jump- Mark off lines with sidewalk chalk and let your kiddos JUMP!
Gymnastics- Use the curb for a super easy balance beam, and let your kids practice somersaults
Rhythmic Gymnastics- Dance with a ribbon wand- be careful though- the ribbon can't touch the ground!
Equestrian- Find a stick horse and your kids can ride around in style! A broom would work just as well- and if you plan on doing an Olympic party inside- try using a rocking horse. 
American Flag Football- So this event was ran by a dear neighbor's husband who just happens to be an expert on football. The kids had adorable flags made out of patriotic material. The kids had a great time- and for an added twist they played with a special water football because everything is more fun when you get wet!
Volleyball- Use towels, a partner, and a ginormous beach ball to toss the other team the ball. Looked like a blast!
100 Yard Dash- Fun and easy Olympic event- let the kids RUN! Whitney had a great idea to have the kids run through a streamer at the finish line.
Soccer- I will be honest- I had no idea that soccer was an olympic event! The kids enjoyed playing a little game of soccer.
Javelin Throw- Don't have a spare javelin lying around for your kids to throw? No worries- straws work, too! And they are much safer!! If your straws are not heavy enough and are trying to fly away just dip them in some wax from a candle before you start the games.
Basketball- It seems like this is a big year for U.S. basketball- and your kids can play too! We used a small portable basketball hoop for kids to practice taking shots. Teresa drew two lines on the ground- one closer to the basket for the little ones and a line farther away for the big kids.
Discus- Throw frisbees or paper plates- a simple solution!
Shot Put- Let your kids participate in this event by throwing a bean bag instead!

At the start of each event it is a great time to teach them about HOW to really do the events and some of the rules with them so when they watch it on TV they can look for things to be done right.

While kids were getting settle in for their torch craft we had some pictures printed from here.

No Olympic party is complete without a torch! These SIMPLE torches were made by rolling up white paper and stuffing it with red and yellow tissue paper. Perfect.

Future Olympian? We got the torch run down!

And of course no party is complete without FOOD! Look at these darling cupcakes! I love them! The entire network of creative Terrace women came together and came up with some great Olympic eats and treats: red white and blue popsicles, popcorn ice cream cone torches, olympic ring pancakes and gold medal peach syrup. There were a few non Olympic treats that were geared right to the kids which was perfect too like: sliced apples, bite size peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and of course some suckers.

Whitney taking it easy so she doesn't have
that baby girl too early!

Teresa was the main photographer so these are her kids cause she might just be a little biased with them! We  gave the little kids trophies and the older ones the medals.

Remember we threw this party together in 2 days!!!! We had almost 30 neighborhood kids and 15 adults!!!!
It was one of the easiest and most fun parties i have ever helped plan (Teresa). Here was the trick we did. 1st get interest on FB and schedule an event. 2nd set up group on FB so you can chat with the ones who are coming (make it private). Then ask each mom/dad to plan 1 event and bring a snack to share. It makes it super fun cause the ones who started the party aren't stuck trying to juggle EVERY station the entire time. It was so nice to just call out the 2 events and the parent would set up and off we go. 

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