Monday, August 20, 2012

What do you pack in your hospital bag?

I am a list girl. Everything has a list. As i come to the end of my pregnancy I thought that i would share my hospital bag list. I made two list one for my and Tinsley and then another for Addy and Lexi to have a fun sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

This is what I packed for Tinsley

-2 receiving blankets
-warmer blanket

-3 burp clothes

-2 pairs of socks

-3 pj's (you never know when they will have a blow out or spit up) I love the night gowns when they are new
-cute beanie
-headband with flower
-clothes to go home in
Here are somethings you might consider if your hospital doesn't supply them for you.
-nose sucker

This is what i put in my bag
-socks to keep your toes warm
-comfy pj's
-fussy comfy blanket

-Nursing bra
-Nursing garments
-Nursing tank top
-brush and comb
-chap stick/lip gloss
-hair spray
-bobby pins, elastic and headband
- lotion
-make up
-face wash
-nursing pads
-nipple cream
-clothes to go home in
-baby book
-games when you are relaxing
-reading book
-kids gifts

 (because mommy has a baby in her tummy my son Addy thinks that he has a turtle in his. So I had to get him a stuffed turtle and Lexi a baby doll to give to them at the hospital when baby sister is born.)

-Car seat

Addy and Lexi's bag for their sleepover
-pull-ups for night time
-blanket's cause we can't sleep without them
-sleeping bags cause we always take them when we sleep at grandma and grandpa's
-hair things
-church clothes if it happens to fall on a weekend

I also have a list of last minute things that we need to grab before we leave.

We are ready!

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