Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday: Heart Garland and.......

Thanks friends for voting for my heart garland. I love when you all cast your votes and help us find a winner for our challenges. Keep voting for your FAVORITE CRAFT!! I know Valentine's Day is past us but cause I won I am still going to post this challenge and you will all have to just PIN it so you don't forget to use it next year. And if you are dying to make a fun garland with foam for the next holiday coming up well i am going to show you how to make a CLOVER GARLAND!!!!

***Sorry none of the clover pics are edited i will hopefully change that and remove this message  I am not using my normal computer so the programs i use are not on here. Oh ya and the reason all the tutorial pics are of the clover and not the heart...well i might have been a little lazy when making the heart and didn't take any pictures.**

I will give you instructions for the heart garland which is also the same as the clover one :) 
cut your strips of foam 3 inches x 3/4 inch you will use 2 pieces for each heart. You will also need hot glue i tried stitching these together, but it was too obnoxious, time consuming and lucky for us the hot glue looks better! 
Take 2 strips of foam and glue the ends together. Then fold it over into a heart shape and glue the bottom together! Tada that is all for the hearts. 

 To make the heart garland you would then glue the sides of your hearts together until you get to your desired length.

The Clover is a little tricky. I took one side of foam for the heart and cut it in half for the stem of the clover. So the stem is 1 1/2  x 3/4. Then i glued the 2 lower hearts on and then after they dried i glued the top ones on. 

 Here is my little helper hamming it up for the camera!! He squints his eyes when he tries to smile it always cracks us up. 

I just took some Dmc floss and threaded it through the side of the heart so that i would hang it from a thumb tack over the top of our doorway. I also thought the clover would look odd just side by side so i made some white circles to separate the green . I just took 1 side of the heart (3 x 3/4) and just glued the ends together making a circle. then i glued 3 together and to the clover.

I tried to take this pic so you could see my cute holiday shelf behind the garland! :) 

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Keri said...

i just LOVE it! and i love your idea of a holiday shelf- would love to see how you decorate it for each holiday :)

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon said...

CUTE!! Thank you for sharing at Uncommon! bonnie ;)