Thursday, March 29, 2012

DIY Thursday: Fleece Sleeping Bags

I saw this idea in a magazine and thought it would be perfect for my kids!  I made it for them for Christmas last year. It was my fist time attempt of any kind of sewing/fabric project.  Well, I guess it's not sewing since there was no sewing machine involve, but you get my drift.  It was super easy!!!  

Pick out the fleece material you want.  Get it long enough for whatever height of child you are making it for.
Make sure you get the type that is 60 inches wide because you are going to cut it in half so each piece is about 30 inches.  Then with your 2 pieces of material, you are going to cut strips down the sides as if you were tying a normal fleece blanket.  Then, instead of tying just one, place your pieces together and tie a knot and tie them together.  How easy is that?

If you hav eplain material like I did, you can embellish it with some designs on the front.  I cut out a butterfly for my girl and a dinosaur for my boy and then hand-stitched them on....and the dots on the dino were such a pain in the butt and time consuming!!!

But it was worth it to see how much they loved their new blankets.  Now they have something to take when they get to have  a sleepover at their Papa or Aunt's house =)