Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Theme Challenge : Textbooks

So....the Girls thought that I was being really mean to them when I gave them this months item : Textbooks.

You see, my husband & I have collected many textbooks over the years, and when we were cleaning our bookshelves a couple of months ago, I was left with a stack of textbooks, waiting to be thrown into the recyling bin. That was, until I had the brilliant idea to give these suckers away.
So, I'm really excited to see what everyone has done. Please take the time to look through all the projects & vote for your favorite one ~ JeNae
Talented Terrace Girl #1
Book Shelf
So this idea, yep, found it on pinterest awhile ago. I wanted to do this for our basement redo....I mean, you can't go wrong with cheap shelves. But as you can see, my shelf is not adhered to the wall, because my basement's not done yet, & I thought it would be silly to put it up just to take it down. But, can you get the just of it?? An actually book turned into shelf....genius!
Talented Terrace Girl #2
Book Wreath
I will admit I wasn't too excited to see that our challenge item was a textbook. I had to get the wheels turning in my head for this one and try to come up with something that I would like and be capable of doing. I'm sure many of you have seen wreaths made from old books floating around on the internet or even in craft stores. These are pretty easy to make and really popular. I decided to make myself one and it looks great hanging right above the door heading out to our backyard!
Talented Terrace Girl #3
Church/Scripture Bag/Purse
I was the lucky one that got the hard cover textbook =) I always have a bag that I carry my church stuff ('s a backpack because I have to carry stuff for me and to entertain my kids) But my little girl wanted a scripture bag but I didn't want to spend the money buying one.....(that is part of her present when she is scriptures and a carry bag) So I decided to make her one. So now she had a cute new church bag. It was actually pretty easy to make.....but you have to vote for me to find out how =)
Talented Terrace Girl #4
Origami Flowers
I always love a good challenge! I thought of too many things to do with this stupid textbook, but finally settled on this fun little ditty. It kinda gets forewarned!!!
Talented Terrace Girl #5
Book letter
I had a hard time figuring out what i want to do with this book. I have done a lot of things in the past with books and I wanted to do something different and fun. I have been wanting to make this but have not gotten around to it and what better time to do it. You can make whatever letter you want. You could do the first letter of your child's name or your last name. So much fun to have on your book shelf.
Talented Terrace Girl #6
Butterfly Mobile
I was one of the girls who struggled with this challenge! But now I have 3 ideas so there might be more posts later with those.  I know this looks upside down, but it is because I haven't rigged the hanging system yet. This is a fun mobile I am going to hang in my daughters room to encourage her to dream big and spread her wings!!! 
Talented Terrace Girl #7
Math Magnets

First of all, Happy PI day! (Not the dessert, the number 3.14, since the date is 3/14... we are totally geeky at our house!!) Nothing says "I love you" like a set of math magnets... I made these for my husband to hang in his den.
All Right......Now it's time for YOU to vote!
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