Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday: Guest Blogger: Every Creative Endeavor

Hey Ya'll!  This is Trinity.  I am super excited about our Guest blogger this month!  I met her when we were both down at Snow College (Go Badgers!).  We were SBO's so we got to spend a lot time together.......and much of that time was late at night, in the student body offices, when we were supposed to be doing homework but more often than not involved snood, credit cards, and kazaa =)  Even back in college she was super crafty and creative.  She is one of the cutest girls I know.  No matter what life heals her, she always keeps positive and keeps a smile on her face.  I am super happy that she said she would do a post for us. (if you want to see a fantastic house remodel, check it out on her blog and you will be amazed!)

Hey Everyone! My name is Amanda and I the creator and author of
Every Creative Endeavor - A Blog for DIY Inspiration for Home and All Things Creative!

When I am not busy being a mom and a wife - I blog!
I started my blog a couple years ago to share some of the ideas that I had made and as a creative outlet for myself. I love being creative and making items for my home, family and friends. My husband and I work together as a team as we update and remodel our home and I share tutorials about that as well. I love to plan parties and get everything ready for them -and I love to share fun little tips that make being a wife and mom and sister and friend and neighbor a little easier! 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner so I wanted to share a fun little
 Valentine's Day project with you -

I have seen etching all over the place - but have never done it.
To be honest - for some reason - it sorta scared me a little bit -
How do you etch glass??
Weird, right? Because etching this was SO EASY!!

Like - really super duper easy - 

First - you need to grab your supplies -
You will need:

champagne flutes
Etching cream
and a paint brush

I bought my champagne flutes at Ikea - they were $5 for 6! That works great for me because we hardly ever use them and when we do my 2 year old likes to be in on the action too!

I used my silhouette and cut out the vinyl - if you don't have a vinyl cutter you can use an exacto knife or a die cut machine to cut out your shape. 

Peel the vinyl carefully off it's backing and stick it onto your flute.

Now we start the etching process - 

Simply brush on a think layer of the etching cream - lightly brushing it on.
Wait for about 5 minutes...

... then wash it off. Peel off your vinyl and your done!

See! I told you it was easy!! 
This project only took me about 10 minutes tops - 
Quick and easy - but so cute!!

Mine say Husband and Wife - perfect for Valentine's Day -
but you can make your's say whatever you want.

His & Hers
Your names

What will your Glass Valentine Day Flutes say? 

Thanks so much for having me today!
I would love if you stopped by and said hello -
Some of my other projects include:

I hope you guys have a great week!!



Amanda Jones said...

Oh my goodness my dear - you are so sweet! Thank you for that beautiful introduction - you sure know how to make a girl feel loved! Snow was the best and I often miss the fun times we had there! Thank you so much for having me today!

Milliscent Morgan said...

Honestly speaking I love etched glass, because it is an art that shows the elegance of work itself. Keep on posting!