Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY Thursday: Ice wreath

Ice Wreath
What you are going to need is:
Bundt cake pan
Items to freeze in your wreath (for Christmas I used pine tree branches, pine cones, foam berries, lemon slices)
STEP 1: Fill your pan half way with water add some of your items and then freeze it
STEP 2: When the first layer is all frozen put the rest of your items in it and then fill it to the top with water. Freeze it will take longer then the first layer.
STEP 3: When your wreath is all frozen. Fill the sink with warm water and place the pan in for a min or 2 till it melts enough to come out.
STEP 4: Dump the ice out and put your ribbon through the hole and hang it somewhere outside.

This was a fun twist to a winter wreath. I really enjoyed mine until it got hot the other day....Now it is gone so I need to make a winter one.


Serendipity and Spice said...

What a cute idea, I never would have thought to freeze a wreath...although I'm in Atlanta so it's too warm to do down here...except for today (it was FREEZING- we didn't get above 30!). I'm hosting a Winter Wonderland link party on Monday and would love it if you linked this up!