Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scarf Week 2012: T-shirt scarfs

Hi Hi Hi!! Happy New Year Friends!! I hope you all have fun goals and dreams you are going to achomplish this year. I know i have some fun things i want to do (some of my goals, my husband says NO and some he says we will try). I want to become a stay at home mom by the end of this year, I am sooooooo done working full time, I also want to take 2 yes 2 trips! (these are ones without my KIDS and without my HUSBAND!) I want to also take a few trips with them too, but for now i am trying to plan and fanagle 2 trips for ME!!  I also just want to be more healthy and maybe stop making cupcakes once a week. I want to be more consistant in my working out, playing indoor soccer for 8-24 times a year shouldn't count as all the excersize i do :(  I also want to schedule my blog posts in a more timely manner and not collect cool posts to share (I have about 20 or more collected), but I will actually DO the posts and share the fun with you all! I am hoping because i posted these goals I will force myself to be more accountable and actually stop procastinating everything. What are some of your goals???

This year i am LOVING the infinity scarf style. Why have i never used this technique before? I love not having to rewrap the scarf again, again, and again. It just stays on and looks cool or keeps you warm. For those who don't know an Infinity scarf is like a doughnut scarf, a ring, never ending, a circular masterpiece!

The first scarf is just a basic infinity scarf made from an old t-shirt. all you do is lay your shirt out flat and cut off the top part. from the armpits up to the neck cut (save for other fun projects) and the bottom part that is a tube is what makes your scarf. Now all you do is STRETCH!!! Not your leg muscles stretch the shirt and make that tube become a raft! now that it is larger you can wrap the scarf around your neck and stay toasty warm! I want to add a few t-shirt flowers to mine to spruce it up and make it a little more SASSY. 

 My husband (scott) told me i had to smile but I wanted the sassy pic cause i think it makes me look HOT! hehehe

Scarf #2!
This is another t-shirt scarf and was really quite easy to make. I found it on pinterest from this fun blog.

Lay an old shirt and cut 1 inch strips. I got 16 from my shirt, but because i used my husbands XL my circles were larger than i had planned so using all 16 made my scarf just a tad too long so i will be taking 3-4 off to make it the length i want it to be.

This is to help you see how twist the loops into circles to make it more thick than just a flimsy little 1 loop! We want the thick 4 looper.

All my fun loops folded together

Now take strips about 1x4 from the left over top part of the shirt and tie the circles together with a square knot. Make sure you stretch your t-shirt ties out a little so that as you wear it it doesn't stretch then making weird gaps (i might be speaking from experience). The remaining shirt makes great t-shirt flowers that can then be attached to your awesome $1 Cheetah print shoes to make them even more sassy and fun! (I will show you a pic later)

I know the pics are not great i was tired and having a lazy evening.

Enjoy the fun scarfs and lets hope for MORE snow so we can actually enjoy our scarfs!!!!!!!!!

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