Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Theme Challenge: Embroidery Floss

Well I (Teresa) decided that because we have all made things with embroidery thread that I wanted to see some NEW fun ideas from my girls! Here are a few things I have made recently. I really do love floss and think it should be used often.

I gave each of our talented girls 3 fun colors and told them to get to work.  If they didn't create something amazing I was going to hurt them all or just revoke their cupcake privileges! Thanks girls for giving me some new fun ideas I can't wait to try them.

Talented Terrace Girl #1:
 Circle Earrings

I'm am so not a sewing kind of gal, but I LOVE earrings so I decided to make earrings using the embroidery thread that Teresa gave us! I had really fun making these and they are very easy to make. Vote for me and I will show exactly how to make these:)
Talented Terrace Girl #2:

I love any challenge that comes my way! Bring it on Teresa!!! I loved making friendship bracelets when I was younger and that's what inspired this headband. It was a lot of fun & super easy!!!
Talented Terrace Girl #3:
Fleece Sleeping Bags

Finally! Something I can actually do something with =) I actually had a few ideas for this one. I decided to do something for the kiddos. I saw this idea in a magazine and this was the perfect time to try it, especially since I gave them to the kids for Christmas. I used the floss to hand sew the butterfly and dinosaur onto the blanket.

(if you click on the pictures it will make them a bit easier
(to see the outline of floss around the edges and try to ignore the dog really likes to stick to fleece, and somehow got on the blankets even though the dog doesn't go in the kid's rooms)
Talented Terrace Girl #4:
Mini Light Globes

I had a lot of messy fun making these small hollow balls that are a perfect addition for small Christmas lights. I loved how they turned out SO much that I plan on making a whole bunch more!
Talented Terrace Girl #5:
Three Braid hair band

Want to make a cute head band for your little girl and I just might show you how to make a similar one for yourself if you give me the chance and help me WIN!
Talented Terrace Girl #6:
Painted Vases

I've seen this project floating around the internet and have been anxious to try it out.  And although it's not perfect, I like the switch up for my table's centerpiece.
Talented Terrace Girl #7:
Scrapbook/Card Embellishment

Embroidery is a great embellishment to any project you might.have it just gives it an extra little kick.
Talented Terrace Girl #8:
Triangle Earrings

These earrings are super cute and easy. they are made with a household item and floss!
Now it's your turn to Vote!!!! 
1 vote for each person (it wont count any multiple votes from the same computer)
Voting closes Tuesday Jan 17th 2012 at 12pm (yes that is noon)

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