Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet Tooth Tuesday: English Trifle

Hi friends we are getting nothing fun and sassy from Teresa tonight/today. I may have forgotten i was scheduled for today and now it is after 1 am and i am typing this up. Yes i am the one in the group is waits till the last minute to do everything, but this is late for even me. Also i just played a soccer game and i was up late last night too. soooooo sorry for the typos and crazy talk!

Here is the main reason we made it. We had a birthday on sunday and mine is this week so we kind of did 2 amazing treats in one day!

Today i am sharing an ENGLISH TRIFLE I have always love the look of them and wanted to try one. So when you are trying a new batch of cupcakes and you forget the baking powder they kind of dont rise making them a dense pound cake type cupcake. So not what i wanted so hence what to do what to do..... English Trifle and i must say it was GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!

1 Cake mix pre-made, pound cake or angel food cake or too dense cupcakes :) cut into cubes
1 Package Danish dessert, pick your flavor (you can use jello, but if you look next to the jello you will see the box of danish dessert) I sent my husband to the store and he found it :) 
1 package of custard mix or pudding (we used white chocolate and it was heaven!)
1-2 C. of frozen berries of your choice
2 bananas, sliced
cool whip or whipping cream for the top

This is a recipe done in steps so first get your cake made and cooled. while it is cooling you can proceed to make the Junket Danish dessert, then the pudding. Once everything is cooled start assembling In a Trifle Dish or glass bowl start layering. Cake cubes, danish dessert, custard, and fruit. Trifle dishes will allow 2 layers other glass dishes normally only allow 1 layer. Now refrigerate for about 3-4 hours. Pull out cover with sliced bananas and whipped topping then serve! Don't layer to far in advance like the night before or you will have soggy cake. (i ate some the next day and was still happy but maybe not serve worthy)

If you are using the Jello not the Danish Dessert then allow time for the jello to set up in the fridge before serving.

Not so pretty on the plate but still oh so tasty! 

Good night! 


Liberty said...

I love trifle - have enve figured out a way to make more dessert for breakfast
and happy birthday...