Saturday, January 28, 2012

Circle Earrings

Hey Everyone it's Tiffany! I won this month's challenge and so here is my tutorial on how to make these Circle earrings. They are super cute and easy to make! If you want to make these you will need:

Circle Earrings
20 gauge jewelry wire
glass beads
embroidery floss
earring attachments
wire cutters

Step 1:
You will first need to cut your wire. I probably cut mine close to 8 inches. I just kind of judged how much I wanted by looking at it. You have to cut two the same length.
Step 2:
Start to string on your glass beads. You don't want to put too many beads on since you have to string the embroidery floss between the beads. Once the beads are on, bend the wire to the kind of shape you want. Mine have a slight teardrop shape to them, but you can make them more of a circle or strictly teardrop shop. Tie off the wire and form the loop that the earring attachment will go on.

Step 3:
Tie a knot at the very top of your earring

Step 4:

Take your embroidery floss and go down to the bottom of the earring just a little bit to the right of center and then loop back up and go between the next bead. On the big earrings I counted every two beads and the smaller earrings I went between each bead. You do this all the way until you reach the top of the other side of the earring.

Step 5:

Tie a knot at the top once you have gone full circle. Cut your floss and then put on the earring attachment.


Terry said...

These are so adorable and your tutorial looks great (easy enough that I think I can do it, lol). I would love it if you shared at our Link It Up Thursday party.

Amy said...

Cute idea! I make lots of jewelry but have never tried this technique. Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!!