Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday: Chinese Birthday Party

When your daugther turns 8, and you let her pick any theme she wants for her party, what is the theme you are expecting?? Girly, Movie related, maybe even themed after a movie/singing star.... Well, my daughter LOVES CHINA!!!! So we decided to have a Chinese Themed party. The Problem with a Chinese theme is there is nothing out there unless you want New Years or really crazy and all we wanted was just red and yellow.
Warning... This post is really long and full of fun pictures!!


I used a red cardstock cut in half, grosgain ribbon twisted around the top, and the strip of yellow paper with Chinese symbols across the bottom. To make the symbols across the bottom I used this font from da fonts and the Chinese dragon from here. I just made them in Word cause that is how I am. I set the dragon as a watermark so it is lighter than the words.


We used the same Chinese Dragon picture, and the Chinese symbols for Happy Birthday and had them blown up super super big. Balloons thanks to Emily!! 

 Fortune Cookies + summer coating + sprinkles= super cool treats

Strawberry shortcake cupcakes were party favors because my daughter didn't want cupcakes for her main cake (she doesn't think they are special any more cause she gets them weekly). So we put them in a to-go container for each kid. This is the same strawberry frosting I made here with a vanilla base
The toppers were made with summer coating. I printed some Chinese symbols on basic paper and put wax paper over the symbols, then piped the summer coating on, following the lines of the symbols.

Egg Drop soup-my recipe I will post soon. Fried Rice-Rice cooked and then we added Fried Rice seasoning packets (yep at the grocery store), then a bag of frozen mixed veggies cooked and tossed in. I think my husband scrambled a few eggs for each batch too. We had Orange Chicken Skewers which was just tyson chicken nuggets baked with Orange Sauce poured over them :) We tried to keep it simple but the cost did add up especially with the tyson nuggets (3 bags)
Dessert- I know there isn't a picture of the full cake.....why you ask.....Well my daughter wanted angel food cake with strawberries. So it is nothing pretty or fancy. 


For Fire Dragon line the kids up and the person at the front of the line has to run and pull the train behind them until they touch the person in the end of the line. The line MUST stay connected but the middle also tries to keep the leader from touching the end. 

Divide the kids into 2 teams. Each pair has 1 set of chopsticks and they take turns picking up something* without using their hands. Each kid takes a turn racing to the container at the end and dropping the item in then running back to the front of the line and handing off the chopsticks.
*your items can be marshmallows, eggs, balls, or any little thing you decide just make sure to test the items first as some or just way too heavy for this race. (I might have brought some balls that were to heavy good thing i had marshmallows too)

Chinese Sky Lanterns
 I bought our Sky Lanterns from Amazon. The Price for 12 fluctuates from $16-25 so if you start watching early you can wait for the price to go down before you order

I hope my little girl had an AMAZING birthday and will remember it forever.

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