Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February Theme Challenge: Foam Sheet

For this month's challenge I, Tiffany, gave everyone a foam sheet to try and make something spectacular out of.
Check out what everyone came up with and vote for your favorite!!!
Talented Terrace Girl #1

Do I need to say anything about this except it is super cool and I love it.
Talented Terrace Girl #2

So I've been stewing around for ideas this last month, not knowing what I wanted to make. Then I saw a particular link the other week and decided to run with it. My boys & I made Bracelets/Cuffs, but we added our names & phone #'s to make them ID cuffs. Not perfect, but it provided us with an activity for the afternoon.
Talented Terrace Girl #3

I wanted to make something fun for my little girl (no, that's not her holding the little guy was playing with it too =) ) She was so excited that I was going to make her something....she has been begging to play with it since I finished it but I told her she had to wait until I took pictures. The great thing about this, I was able to find a use for a bunch of scraps I had laying around. And it was super easy so vote for me so you can make one for your cute little one (and if you have a little boy, you can change up the colors and make a "murse" =) )
Talented Terrace Girl #4Chalkboard Mudroom Labels
This dollar store craft not only is great on the budget, but practical too! I ♥ organization!
Talented Terrace Girl #5

I decided to make a Valentine's Craft with my foam since I didn't have too many crafts for Valentines. On this craft I used the foam to spell out kisses and also for the little hearts at the bottom. I love it and so does my little girl! I hope I'll be able to keep her from eating all the kisses in one day!

Talented Terrace Girl #6
Foam Bath Valentine's

First of all I would like to make it known that the reason why one of the hearts is blurred out is because it has my name on it and since this is a secret voting challenge I didn't want to be caught cheating. But it really just might have something dirty written on it...I guess you'll never know....wink, wink. This is a Valentine surprise for my sweet hubby who always gets up early and showers while I lay in bed and sleep an extra hour. I fi
gure I will do this the night before and surprise him on Valentine's morning.
Talented Terrace #7
Love life pictures
I have these in my bed room next to a big picture of my husband and I and our kids playing and laughing on the bed. I LOVE the picture so i wanted to put LOVE LIFE next to it and found this to be the prefect time. If you Love your life and want to know how to make these VOTE FOR ME!! (Sorry this is a bad picture)

Now's your time to VOTE!!!