Monday, February 13, 2012

Munchkin Monday : Kids Valentines

Go ahead and BURST my bubble!
What you will need
Candy, balloons, tooth picks, ribbon and the tags

Fill the balloon with candy, prizes and the valentines note

When the balloon is popped the valentines surprise if found. Everyone loves balloons what a better valentine then that for a kid.

I found this idea on pinterest here is the link to check it out and to get the printable tags.

M&M Hearts

You will need M&M's and wax paper and a sewing machine
Cut hearts out of the wax paper that are the same size

Sew around the edges. don't for get to back stitch. leave an opening to put the M&M's in

Fill with M&M's, then you will need to sew the hole up and trim around the heart.

You can make different sizes. I made a big one for the teacher
Something I thought of after i made these that for a school valentine I am not sure if it is the best to use M&M's that you have handled. This would be fun for you kids close friends or if you want to do it for the class room find a candy that is wrapped like jolly ranchers.

Here are some easy Valentine card ideas:
 A fun way to showcase your child's artistic abilities! Trace your child on large butcher paper. I saved all my packing paper from online Christmas shopping- it works perfectly. After cutting out the body shape, have your child draw themselves! It was fun enough for my anti-arts-and-crafts daughter to do. After she was done coloring, I folded up the body and wrote this message:
"From the top of my head all the way to my toes I ♥ you!"

Found this on Pinterest from Brown Paper Packages: Simply have your child make thumbprints (I used a pink stamp pad). Turn the thumbprints into little people and write "Thumb-body loves you".

I loved this idea I saw on Pinterest and now for the life of me I can't find where I pinned it.... that's what happens when you have 2000+ pins! It's a handprint hug card. Trace your child's hands and cut. Cut construction paper (or a bright green party streamer- you use what you have on hand!) the length of your child's arm span. Tape hands and streamer together and you have an instant paper hug. On the top hand I wrote "I love you..." and on the streamer "this much!"This is a perfect card for grandparents that live far away!


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Keri- love the balloon idea! My kids wouldnt know what to do if I gave them permission to pop a balloon!! Great idea, cannot wait for tomorrow- VDAY!
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