Monday, February 27, 2012

Munchkin Mondays : Leap Year Ideas for Kids

Wednesday is Leap Year Day! What does this mean exactly? About every 4 years an extra day has to be added to our calendars to align with the Earth's revolutions around the sun. It is also considered a superstitious day, and traditionally a day where a woman can pursue and/or propose to a man. But for kids, it is known as a day to celebrate leaping, jumping, and frogs!

There are a lot of really great activities on frogs throughout the web. I thought I would type up a list to give you some ideas. And since 13 is considered by some as a superstitious number- here are 13 different activities/websites to help you celebrate!
Leap Year Activities for Families and Kids
1. Craft Jr  has a good compilation of frog activities. I especially like the frog paper plate craft and a frog catch game for preschoolers.  
2. Make frog cupcakes- check out the Cutest Food for some pretty darn cute cupcakes!
3. Preschool Lesson Plans as some math and literacy games for kids centered around Leap Year.
4. Squidoo has a ginormous frog unit study- with everything from a frog life cycle, poetry, writing activities, books, fractions, etc....- it's a very comprehensive list of activities!
5. Leap Year Day frog cookies with Oreos from the Celebration Shoppe. SO cute!
6. Plan a Leap Day Party with ideas from the Party Shelf. Of course, this could be adapted for a fun FHE. 
7. If you are looking for something a little more healthy, try this cute apple frog snack from Family Fun. If Jacs liked green apples I would definitely try this!
8. Make Frog Eye Salad for dinner. I found this recipe at All Recipes.
9. Watch Princess and the Frog or Kermit the Frog movies.
    (Picture taken at my daughter's Spooky Safari Halloween birthday party)
10. Buy plastic frogs at the dollar store and have a frog jumping contest!
11. Play Leap Frog
12. Dissect a frog! And if you don't have a dead frog lying around, try this Frog Dissection app for your iPad.
13. Sing and read some fun frog songs and rhymes from Preschool Express.

I hope this list helps you plan your Leap Year Day with success! I love planning fun activities on random holidays- we need to take the time to cherish and celebrate each moment with our little ones.

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