Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wild Card Wednesday: Exploding Box

Exploding Box

When I first saw this box on Pinterest I was super excited and knew it would make a great Christmas gift, Mothers day gift, Birthday, New Baby or lets just be honest this box rules and was a ton of fun to make. I found a tutorial for it here. The tutorial was really good and super easy to understand. I didn't take as many pictures so if something is a little hard to understand stroll over to Glitter Adventure and check it out. 

I made 3 boxes and know I need to make at least 1 more for our house. The kids really do love them. Just tonight my son was pointing out one of the pictures of himself and talking about it. Yes it is April and we still have one in our house it is my mom's fault and I blame her for everything.

Please look at the edges to the page and the wrinkles in the pictures!

Yes the day after I gave my mom this super cute box filled with a ton of family pictures she DROPPED IT yes dropped it in the snow and then watched, allowed, laughed, went home and crashed in bed. Yes she did drop it in the snow from the back of her truck while driving up her steep dirt road. Then during the night it snowed so when the plow cleared the snow in the morning the lid was crushed and the box was buried in the snow. Another day later she found the box again so really the damage done is minimal and I was able to reuse all the pictures but 2. 

Wow I really didn't take a lot of assemble pictures sorry but good things we have here for that. 
One thing I didn't like about their tutorial is they had the box lid held together with paper clips to dry, but when I tried that it put dents in my lid which is so not cool. So I found just holding the lid together for a few minutes was the best.
The other big issue I had was she used 12x12 paper and then cut it down much smaller so my good friend and I figured out the math to keep it as big as possible so your pictures can be even bigger to enjoy. 

I used 4 or 5 sheets of heavy cardstock depending on if I did 3 or 4 layers inside the box. My largest layer matched my lid. and then I used 6-8 pattern papers (2 for each layer)
I am going to put all the measurements on here starting from the biggest and working into the box
 The outside of your paper needs to be cut to  11 5/8 Then the square cut outs in the corner measured 3 7/8 from the edge and cut out Pattern paper 31/2
Next layer full paper-11 1/4  Square cut out for the corners 3 3/4  Pattern paper 3 3/8
3rd layer inside her stopping point. full paper 10 7/8 square cut from the corners 3 5/8 pattern paper 3 1/4
Bonus 4th layer full paper 10 1/2 square cut from the corner 31/2 Pattern paper 3 1/8

is it easier if I type 
Full sheet-11 5/8. 11 1/4, 10 7/8, 10 1/2
Square cut from the corner-3 7/8, 3 3/4, 3 5/8, 3 1/2
Pattern paper- 3 1/2, 3 3/8. 3 1/4, 3 1/8 

I am planning on making many more of these fun boxes! please share your completed boxes on our facebook page so we can enjoy your designs! 

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