Monday, April 29, 2013

Munchkin Monday: Grass Heads!

My daughter has always wanted a Chia Pet. The problem is I have never wanted to spend the money on something we would use for a few weeks and then have to store forever. Then I saw a picture online of a grass head and thought... We could totally make those.

You will need:
Knee High Nylons
Grass Seeds
Googly Eyes

If you have a Walmart near you they have Knee Highs for $.33. You will find them near an end cap with the nylons and in the candy machine plastic clam shells.
Place the grass seed into the toe of the nylon and then add the dirt. Stretch the nylon while you tie a knot in sock. I wasn't sure what to do exactly with it so we grabbed bowls and placed the heads in the bowls. When the kids water them they just fill them to eye level and they soak for a few days. This isn't an issue but they stay really wet all the time and I worry a tiny bit about mold. An easier way to do this would be save a yogurt container (something with a smaller diameter than your grass head) and let the tail of the sock hang into the container. Then you fill the container and the tail will absorb and pull the water into the head.  I didn't think of this idea until we cut our tails off.  Glue your eyes on and you are good to go. I think hot glue would work the best and not wash off.

Here are our heads with a few days of growth

I made this picture so it would be easy for you guys to pin it and remember everything!

This is what happens if you use Elmers glue. Yes that is an eye in the bottom of the bowl. My daughter thought it was funny and poured the water right onto the eyes and they washed off. :(