Monday, April 22, 2013

Munchkin Monday: Boy T-Shirt

I see all those cute crafts and clothes you can do for little girls, but there aren't many for little boys.  My little guy loves it when I make him something and whenever I make something for his sisters he always gets this ad look on his face.  So I decided he needed something cool just for him.  So I got out my cricut and cut out and found a good boy pattern.
I cut it out on freezer paper, and then ironed the freezer paper onto the shirt.  Freezer paper makes excellent stencils for fabric.  you place the shiny side on the fabric and then iron.  It seals it to the cloth but you can easily pull it up and it doesn't leave a residue.

Then I painted.

Peeled off the paper and viola!

He loved it!! 
Before you wash it, once the paint dries, throw it in the dryer for a bit so that it will seal the paint to the shirt better or else it may fade a bit. ( I learned that the hard way...)

Now go and find a cute pattern and make some fun shirts!!  and you really don't need a fancy cutting machine, just cut anything you want into freezer paper.  And if you want to get adventurous...let the kids design and paint their own =)


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