Thursday, March 7, 2013

DIY Thursday: Diaper Cake tutorial

Exactly one month ago I threw a shower for my sister who was having her 2nd baby, but first girl and I decided to make her a diaper cake as my gift to her. It also served as a centerpiece on the refreshment table. This was my first time making a diaper cake and I really enjoyed making it!  There are a couple different types of cakes you can make out there like a 2-tier, 3-tier, squared or round, and even some that are shaped to look like bicycles and other things! I decided to go with a 3-tier cake. This cake ended up costing me about $45 to make. These really are not that complicated to make and anybody can make one of these! All you need is a little creativity!

 Isn't it cute :)
  • box of size 1 diapers
  • cardboard cake round 14"
  • rubberbands
  • 1 large bottle of baby shampoo, powder, body wash
  • double stick tape
  • 2" wide ribbon and any other embelishments
  • cake topper (This can be a stuffed animal, card, or bow)
  • baby items to stick throughout the cake. I used a 2 pack of binkys and 3 bodysuits

For the bottom layer you will do three rounds. Start by rolling up your diapers and placing a rubber band around them. I used 34 diapers total on the bottom. Start by placing some double sided tape on the bottom of your bottle of baby wash or whatever other bottle you choose and place it in the center of the cake round. Wrap your diapers around the bottle until you reach the edge of your cake round. I went around the bottle 3 times and put a big rubber band around the whole thing to secure it a little better. It should like this:

For the second tier I used 20 diapers and did two rows of diapers and placed a big rubber band over the whole thing to secure. It should look like this:

face view

 top view

The third tier is made out of eight diapers. Make sure to secure with a rubber band over the whole tier.

 Now comes the fun part-decorating! Start by placing ribbon along each tier to cover up those ugly rubber bands. I used a little dab of hot glue to piece the ribbon together.

Next I added on a few little pink flowers with some super glue that I had already in my scrapbook stuff

The final step is to add on your topper and any stuff your got to put your cake! You now have an adorable diaper cake that the mom-to-be is sure to love.


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Miki said...

love your three tier diaper cake and teddy bear decorations.