Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic decorations


Okay now that is off my chest :) We can continue to see my obsession in full swing!
I really do love the Olympics to the point that when I was 5 yrs old my mom told me I was watching the divers and one hit his head. Well little ole me started to cry for him and was super upset. So my love for the games goes back at least 24 years.

These are some fun Olympic rings I made for our house. I debated what to use to get a good size but also a good low price :) These are foam (noodles) that i found in the pluming section of Home Depot They were only $.97 for each one and i cut them in half so i got 6 rings for $3. They are the 3/4 inch size. Then I went to Joann's and bought the cheapest solid fabric they had (which was also on sale) I bought 1/4 of a yard of each and used up most. The Yellow i used ALL because i had to overlap each wrap so much cause the foam inside is so dark. 

Everything ready to start! 

 I duct taped the noodles into rings. Tore strips of fabric the width of the tape. Then i started wrapping and hot gluing the fabric around the rings. Then I placed the rings where I wanted them and hot glued them together. If you wanted your rings to be linked how they are supposed to be then you should tape them into circles into a chain. Then wrap them in fabric (blue, yellow, black, green, red) then you would arrange them into the Olympic links.

It is late and I wanted you to see how big they really are. My 2 year old loved putting them on his head and down his body! 

Olympic Rings Necklace

I made this necklace the same way i made the cupcakes. Except I used the Olympic colors and rolled them into circles. I used the chain method for these (it helped them keep their shape better cause i didn't have to pull and tug so much). I made the blue, linked the yellow, black, green and red. then twist it into the right layout. Make sure you press the rings into each other a bit or you will have the ends pop free and move around. (super glue will fix that, not saying I did that or anything :p) 

COLORING BOOKS!!!!!!!! Okay i like to color with my kids too. so i figured these will be our coloring folders for during the games. I want to print some flag pages and medal count charts too for us to keep track of the medal standings. Where did I get these fun pages you ask......well here

Here is just a fun simple friendship bracelet i made using the Olympic colors. We are having a neighborhood kids Olympic party and I want to make each of the kids coming one of these bracelets to wear during the Olympics.

Keep your eyes open I have more Olympic ideas and posts coming your way!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Cute decorations- how much fabric did it take for each ring? Thanks!

Mooners said...

I updated it with the amount of fabric :)