Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday: Laundry Room Helps

Back when I was a Laurel in Young Women's I got this laundry stain removers list from my leaders at a preparing for the future activity night. I have used a couple of these and they do work! This list would be great for those times you don't have any Shout handy and have other cleaners already in your home. 

Laundry Room Hints 
Rubbing Alchol- grass stains

Ammonia- sweat stains

Baking Soda- odors

Cream of Tartar + lemon juice-homemade bleach

Hydrogen Peroxide + cold water- blood stains

Shampoo-ring around the collar, mud, and cosmetic stains

WD-40- salad dressing, grease splatters, crayon, lipstick
*Let set for 10 minutes, work in dish soap, wash, DO NOT USE ON SILK

PineSol- try on any stain

Dish Soap- olive oil/cooking oil and grease

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