Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday: Twisted Handled Hobo Bag

Twisted Handled Hobo Bag

I have been dying to find some time to make a bag with the leftover fabric I had from recovering my dining chair cushions.
I also had some yellow fabric, that looks really pale in these pictures but isn't, from some old curtains I didn't want to use anymore.  The material is a thicker fabric from the home decor section of Joann's.  I wanted this bag to stay sturdy!

First of all I would try and give you measurement, but I used an old bag that I already had as a pattern.  So sorry, but I'm sure you'll be able to replicate it pretty easily.

So, I started by folding my yellow "liner" fabric in 4ths.

I laid my "pattern" bag on top.  I had the folded edges lined up!  Crucial step, otherwise you will have a seam running right down the middle of your bag.

Then I traced it.  Notice that I didn't trace the entire handle, because I am adding a handle on later.

Then I got my outside fabric and used the yellow "liner" as a pattern.

Then cut those bad boys out!

I sewed up the outside edges of both fabrics.  The outside fabric I had turned inside out, sewn, and then flipped it out so the seam was hidden.  The liner I just sewed a seam.

Then I placed the outside fabric inside the liner like so:

I sewed up one side of the opening.  I hope this doesn't get confusing, which is why I took a ton of pictures!

So now one side of the opening is sewn and the other is left open.  I then flipped my purse right side out.

I took the edge that I had just sewn and reinforced the seam by doing another one.  This one will show.

 Next I ironed the seam about a 1/4 inch on the other side of the opening.

I placed both ironed pieces together and sewed them up.  Now both sides of the opening look the same.

I then closed up the edges of both handles.  I left the edges raw, because I am going to tuck this into the twisted handle later on.

Your bag is now complete!  Now onto the handle!

I roughly measured the length of the handle on my "pattern" bag and then timed that by 1 1/2 times to get the right length.  I wanted it longer because I am going to lose some length while twisting and scrunching it up.
Sew that handle strip into a tube and turn it right side out.

And now start scrunching and twisting away!
I used my iron to press it as I went along to help keep it's shape.

I also used a million pins!

Then I ran it through the sewing machine.  I didn't worry about keeping this seam straight.  It went all over the place.  This picture shows the first time I stitched it.  I also stitched it again.  The nice thing is that with it scrunched and twisted you expect the stiches to be a bit crazy!

Then you are going to tuck the ends inside and iron it flat.  Do this on both sides of the handle.

Take the handle part of your bag and insert it into the end of the tube handle.  Pin shut!

 Then sew it shut!
Repeat on the other side of the handle.
(See my crazy stitching on the handle!)

And here is my lovely model!
It hangs really low on her, but is the perfect length for me.  That's just what I get for having my 8-year-old model.  (better her than me, she had showered, I had not...yikes!)  I can hang it from one shoulder or hang it across my body.  Either way works.

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Jocelyn said...

I seriously wish I could sew better...that is the cutest hobo bag. I love the twisted strap!!!!