Thursday, July 12, 2012

My new obsession......

Okay well I have a lot of things I really enjoy. I could list a ton for you all but this post would be WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, Okay I will share a few....
I might even have a collect of Micro Machine Cars ( I think I might have 300-400 cars). That is one obsession (so if anyone sees any at a yard sale buy them and I will pay you for them) 

Also some people say I might have a CUPCAKE obsession! I don't think buying a new stove (convection), cupcake pans that cook 24 at a time so I can cook 72 at once, buying 50 lbs of powdered sugar at a time, and creating at least 35 cupcake flavors means I have an obsession..... Okay that is really an obsession I am totally aware of that. 

Okay I will stop boring you with my random obsessions and I will tell you about the one you will love hearing.......

not just any BOOKS
but these books

There are sooooooooooo many topics and fun interesting facts my kids love reading these and I love that they are learning. I like to give them to them after we have learned about the topic. That way they are wanting to learn that topic and this just makes it more fun.

These are a few of the times I have given them to the kids :
National Pirate day- 100 Facts of Pirates
Eclipse day- 100 Facts on Space
Our Moon house bird week- 100 Facts Birds of Prey 
In the car on a long car ride.

Okay, I know that website I showed you all the books, is not in American money so how much are they? Where do I buy them?
I have bought a pack from the "Books Are Fun" company that comes to the schools that teachers/interpreters can order from, but mostly I buy mine from AMAZON. I have Amazon Prime so I get free shipping. Meaning, I love to order things. On Amazon the regular price is $6.95....DON'T PAY that. If you wait, they rotate which books are their bargain books. I never buy a book over $3.00. All the ones I have bought are in the $1-$2 range and I may have bought my kids about 20 so far (I know gasp and then don't tell my husband) My kids have only been given about 6. I really do save them for times they will love them and not be overwhelmed with too many books. Here is a book I plan to buy before I go to Italy so they can read about it while I am gone :) 

Please enjoy these books as much as I do and then let me know which books are your favorite so I can make sure we have them in our collection too!

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