Wednesday, July 27, 2011


DO NOT EAT!!!!!!!!!

I know this is JeNae but she is an awesome model!

Can I just say I LOVE CUPCAKES!! I tend to get obsessive about things and to try different styles and designs with most things i like. I also like jewelry (basic stuff) and i enjoy playing with Sculpty clay. 

Things you need--Scultpy Clay in varying colors (if you are like me you will have a shoe box full that has been sitting around for years waiting for the crafter to get crafting) 
If you have some seed beads they are fun to add to the creations
Also some eye hole screws that you buy from the harware section of a department store (for 1 style)

Making a Flat Necklace Cupcake
Step 1-pick the color you want for base and roll it into a ball. then flatten it to about a 1/4 inch thick. Flatten where the frosting will go and the bottom. then make the sides flat but remember to taper the sides into the bottom if you make them straight the look a little boxy. 

 Step2- using a knife or special tool that you got when you were 16 and by chance still have in your scultpy box! you need to make the paper lines down the sides i was just doing the front and sides but decided if i do it all the way around some will just not have a back side which is even cooler. Remember you are not supposed to let sculpty touch anything you use food with so make sure you line your pan with parchment and you dont use any kitchen tools.

Step 3- Pick your frosting color and roll it into a snake. then spiral around the top of the cupcake to make your frosting like you piped it on or make a half circle to make the frosted with a knife look.

Step 4- I normal add the hole into the side now and then add the toppings so that i don't squish the toppings. I always seem to put the hole in the frosting right above the base (into the first layer of spiral) it seems to be up a little more than half so when you wear them they don't go topsy turvy. 

Step 5- Last place them on a pan and bake at 275 for 10-15 minutes

Now i made 2 different designs and found the circular (true cupcake shape) with an eye hole screw are super cute and would be awesome key chains, but if you don't screw the eye hole screw in "just" right they will be lose so then it will move and it might unscrew out of your cupcake. Meaning you have to screw them in perfect or use some glue if they come unscrewed. The flat design is my FAVORITE!! They make awesome necklaces and are super fun and easy to make. 

7 yr old idea! Blue sky base cloud with a rainbow across the sky.

Here are some fun styles and ideas that i have made in the last few days. I am learning that telling my 7 yr old to draw some cupcakes she wants me to make gets some GREAT color combos and ideas rolling so look to your little ones if you are feeling like you are in a rut. If i can make her dream one it is a rainbow base with  butterfly frosting on top!! Ya she is creative and super cute. 

Click on the picture to see them BIG!

This is one my 7 yr old made ALL by herself she was soooooo excited to actually get to do it without my help


Screaming Sardine said...

I'm absolutely squealing here! These are sooooo CUTE! Have you considered selling these? I'm sure you'd have some buyers!!

Thanks so much for linking up to the month long cupcake party. :)

Tracy Screaming Sardine

Carol said...

Those are adorable! I have a friend who is cupcake obsessed. She would LOVE one of these on a necklace. Are you considering selling them? said...

soooo cute. I love the polka-dot liners. Genius. said...

I just showed them to my daughter and she loves them too

Jill said...

Gorgeous fantastic and wonderful cupcakes! I love them!

Thanks for linking to the Creating Success Worldwide blog hop!! I'm following you now and hope you'll come back again next week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Marlee said...

These are so awesome! And I'm like you...NO cupcake is safe from me! Love your blog, am a new follower!

Karima said...

They are so cute! Saw you on linky party, now google friend following you. Please pop by, Karima :)