Friday, July 22, 2011

Oriental Chicken Salad

I've got some growing in my garden. They're all grown up and ready to be picked. This salad was one of things that I wanted to use with the cabbage; I also have plans to make cabbage rolls, coleslaw, and who knows what else.
Oriental Chicken Salad
The Star of the show.....and I can't tell you what kind of cabbage we planted. All I told my hubby is that I wanted to grow cabbage in the garden this year.
Chop up the cabbage. This is the whole head chopped filled up the entire bowl, and I picked one of my bigger bowls.
So I took out half the cabbage to save for another use.
I then added the rest of the ingredients:
And mixed it up. I figured if I had my tripod out, I might as well take some pictures of me doing things :)
And here is the finished product!
Very delicious. Very Fresh. My oldest scarfed it down. He was trying to beat me :)


Suz said...

Yum! I found your blog via Stumble, and I love it. So creative. Will definitely have to try this salad!