Friday, July 15, 2011

Black Forest Cake

It was my birthday...hooray...I'm in my last year of my twenties & am having a hard time celebrating that fact...gulp...sooooo....look at this deliciousness!!! Oh yeah, that's my birthday cake! It is so simple & easy...and OH the presentation! Makes me want to shove the whole thing in my mouth. Which I kinda did & ended up with a food baby (did I mention Matt grilled me heavenly steak??? So yeah, my food baby was really food baby twins.)
Here is what you do to create Black Forest heaven in your own home:
Take a devil's food cake (so apparently one type of devil is allowed in my heaven) & follow the directions on the package. Use 2 9-in circle pans (if that wasn't obvious).
Cook & cool to your heart's content.
Take a pint of heavy whipping cream, pour in a bowl add sugar to taste (I think I did about 3 heaping spoonfuls) & beat that puppy until it begs for mercy! (aka: stiff peaks form)
Trust me on using the real whipping makes your cake so much more delicious!
Take a can of cherry pie filling and pour half onto one layer of your cake, spread some whipped cream on top & smash (or gingerly place, whatever you prefer) the next layer on top. I kinda like to press it a bit because the way the cherries and cream start to slightly ooze out just makes it look dreamy.
Top with the other half of the can of cherry pie filling & more whipped cream (note: I had cream left over. I just saved it in the fridge.) Place one small little cherry on top & sift unsweetened cocoa over the top.

Makes mouths (and birthday girls) happy =)


Candace said...

Emily that looks so yummy! I miss seeing your cute face. You may just have to make me some of that cake :)

Triny Kay said...

you crack me up!! i lov ehow something that looks like it would be hard, is actually sooooo easy =)

Emily Robertson said...

Candace I will totally make you this cake!!!

Tiffanee said...

Oh how delicious! Beautiful presentation. Happy Birthday!!