Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Firecracker Flip-Flops...

Ok so I think that Teresa might just faint dead away....cause yes...I am posting =)

If this was a perfect world and I was a perfect person, then this post would have been posted last week. Unfortunately I am not perfect....but Shhhh...that's just between you & me!

My littles were going to be in a bike parade on the 4th of July & I thought it would be fun to dress up my girl's flip-flops. I know...everybody & their mother has already made these, but I haven't and am pretty sure my mama hasn't so I am posting it anyway =)

I have always loved how cute these are!

And so easy too! We found the flip-flops at Michael's for a buck & I had this cool shiny material in my stash. Just cut your material into strips & start tying them on! So easy a 7-year-old can do it...and tie away she did!

I only helped scrunch them together & also finish them up when she got tired of doing it.

But she absolutely adored them!

I thought about trimming them down, but she liked them really fluffy so it was a win-win...she got fluffy & I didn't have a mess to clean up after cutting all those little pieces off.

So I did them for July 4th...but really you can do them for whenever!

Have a Crafty day!


Triny Kay said...

love how simple this is....if a 7 year ol dcan do it, there's hope for me! i may need to find a friend that has some scraps and do this for my little girl....she would love this!!!