Sunday, September 4, 2011

Upcoming Changes =)

Hello all in Bloggerland!  We girls had a get together and we talked about a bunch of things.  We are going to be doing some changes to our blog, all for the better.  We are so excited for some of the things we have planned to do.  The first change we're doing is we're going to do themed days.  So instead of all our random posts, we are going have certain days to post things.  =)  so here's our breakdown:

Munchkin Mondays- All things do with kids (crafts, food, games, activities, tips, etc)
Sweet Tooth Tuesdays- You can guess what's happening this day....yup....the desserts.
Wildcard Wednesdays-  This is the day anything goes.  Some of us have things that don't quite fir into a category so that's when we'll post
DIY Thursday- This is our craft day.  So any crafts, refinishing, decorations, clothes, etc. will be this day.
Foodie Friday- This is the day for the non-sweet foods like dinners, or snacks.
We have decided that Saturday and Sunday are free-for-alls.  That way if a few of us do some yummy desserts or awesome crafts that we can't wait to share, we can do it on the weekend.

We have a few more things up our sleeves but you'll just have to wait for those =P  Please spread the word of our blog to all your friends, share it on your blog, share it on facebook or twitter.  We want to get lots of followers and get lots of input and requests to keep our creative juices flowing.  Stay tuned for more!!