Monday, September 5, 2011

Raspberry Cookies w/Cheesecake Frosting

Today. Today I bring you my Raspberry Cookie. A raspberry cookie with a bonus; cheesecake frosting. Now...I can't take the credit of creating this wonderful combination of cookie. I took inspiration from Ruby Snaps "Memphis" Cookie.
I took my basic cookie dough {the same dough that's made these cookies here, here, & here} and added some raspberries. I was so happy that the raspberry flavor carried throughout the whole cookie.
Now, it's taken me awhile....because I use to not be a fan of frosting.....but, due to having some amazing frosting from a friend, I'm growing to like it. So for this cookie, I made a cheesecake flavored frosting to compliment the raspberry in the cookie. Yummo!
You should totally make these on the link below to grab the recipe:
Raspberry Cookies w/Cheesecake Frosting


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Mooners said...

These cookies tasted fabulous but i am sad i didn't get to try one with some yummy frosting!! I guess you better make them for me again! :P I think the friend who teaches you to love frostings must be a GREAT friend and possibly not very good on your waistline.