Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Create a "Love" Board

As I was perusing blogland, I noticed this cute little board off to the side on "Sew Dang Cute". I knew that I needed to make one of these:

"Family Motto" Sign

So I set to work.

First, I figured out how big of a board I wanted to make. I decided on a 20" x 20" board. I then went into Microsoft Publishing, and formatted text boxes to create the perfect sized letters to fit onto my board.

Second, I grabbed some contact paper, and made some stencils. I had to fa-nangle the contact paper to lay flat {instead of roll up}, but once I figured out that, the exacto-knife process went smoothly.

Third, I cut my board to size {from some leftover scrap}, and sanded the edges & top so the paint would look good.

Fourth, I primed the board. Then I painted my base color.

Fifth, I layed out my stencils. I then painted each of the letters.

And after drying {which didn't take long outside with the heat}, I came up with my own board:

All I need now are some hangers for the back, for I have a spot picked out on the wall. Right now, it's just chillin on my music cabinet :)