Friday, September 2, 2011

TASTY Wall Hanging

Here's my new wall hanging... It makes me happy. And yes I know that "Bon Appetite!" is still vinyled to the wall, and no it is not staying. And my "Tasty" sign will also be hung up instead of resting on top of my curtains. One step at a time step at a time.

So my sister was up here visiting from California & we always get crafty when she visits...just one of the many perks =) We decided we needed to spice up our kitchens a little bit. So i got this fabulous paper from the lady I always mange to mention in my posts...hmmm....guess who it is??? Anyway, I LOVE it & have been DYING to do something with it....well Ta Da!

So I bought the wooden letter's at Joann's. And yeah these pictures are a little bit out of order, so sorry. I painted them black...I love me some good black paint!

But before I painted it black (wink, wink), I traced it onto my paper. Make sure you do it on the backside of the paper, because mess ups are a beast & you don't see mess ups on the final project when they are on the back of the paper! Also make sure your letter is backwards when you trace it so everything lines up so nice & beautiful.

Next I whipped out the mod podge! And painted it on. One of my friends in my class called it "glorified glue." I quite like here is the "glorified glue" painted on!

Press your paper on and smooth out all of the bubbles! And let that baby dry!

Then smooth on another layer of "glorified glue" to seal it all nice and tight.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

And just FYI cause my picture is kinda lame,

T: Raspberries

A: Limes

S: Strawberries

T: Kiwis

Y: Cherries

I also did an amazing Halloween one! I will post that in a few weeks! I am gearing up for Halloween and have lots of projects in mind! Let's just hope I don't bit off more than I can chew :/

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Tiffanee said...

This is so cute!! I want one for my kitchen. Thanks for the great idea.