Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY Thursday: Quote Blocks

  I LOVE quotes! I have an excell spread sheet divided into different sections, loaded with quotes My husband i think would be super annoyed if he realized the mass amounts of quote things in our computer and in our house :) So when i was asked to teach a lesson at church i wanted to use a quote (surprise, surprise!!) But i didn't want to just put it on paper, or a magnet (cause magnets require buying them) so i decided to use some old 2x4s that were laying around outside warped making them unusable in building my new craft room! By the way i am super excited about my sweet room and i am taking pictures of the progress and will show pics when it is completed. Now back to the fun quotes. So with using the 2x4s it makes them shelf sitters. I had always thought i need to buy the thin wood so i can hang my fun quotes, but NO this is an awesome quote to have in the kitchen window sill. I knew i needed to make about 45 so i got to cutting the wood then using Emily's palm sander to soften the edges and remove the wear from being outside for years. .
Cut your paper a smidge smaller then the wood cause if it is bigger and hanging off the edges then you have to wait for the papers to dry COMPLETELY before you smooth the edges. But if the paper is smaller you can sand first then add the paper and it is a clean finished look.
Yep tons of Modge Podge under paper and over paper. I know this is a simple project that is why it would be great for giving away or to use up some stuff around the house for fun things! I think i need to make some for my kids teachers with a super cute quote about teaching. guess i need to look in my spreadsheet to see what goodies i have about teachers.
Not sure if Emily is annoyed to forced her to help or just annoyed that i am taking the pic!! (she is really not upset with me at all but it sure does look like it!) 

What does that cool quote say do you ask????
"Try a little harder to be a little better"              
 -Gordon B. Hinckley

This is a great reminder that even though we might not be perfect that we just need to keep trying to be a little better! 


The Clegg Family said...

Love it!

Stake Clerk said...

Very cool idea!

Tiffanee said...

Love this idea! I may use it for my YW handout on Sunday! Thanks!!