Thursday, August 29, 2013

DIY Thursday: Sharpie Tie Dye Coasters

I helped throw a tie dye themed bridal shower for my little sister Charlotte and in loo of games we decided to have everyone participate in a craft that she could use in her new home. I found this idea on The Sharpie Blog.

You will need 91% isopropyl alcohol, sharpies, a bowl, a small straw, and white tiles. (Optional: spray bottle)

I tried a few different things while making these coasters. This first try I just made lines of color and then used a spray bottle filled with alcohol to blur the lines.

While I liked the way it turned out I wanted the color to be a bit more dramatic. (Also as a side note, some sharpie colors "blur" more easily than others. The light blue I used didn't work as well, but I found if I used my finger to smudge the line a little after I used the alcohol it got rid of the defined line that was left behind.)

 My second try I colored almost the entire tile and again I used the spray bottle.
 Cool right?
 Third try, I did smaller patches of color and colored the entire tile.
 I used the spray bottle again and wasn't thrilled with the result. (I just was being lazy and didn't want to take the time with the straw)
 The fourth attempt I really went crazy with the color and even overlapped them a bit. I also finally gave in and used the straw with a little bowl of alcohol.
 This was my favorite tile. I loved the way the little drops of alcohol pooled. To use the straw you dip the end into a shallow filled bowl of alcohol and use your finger to cover the other end of the straw to trap the liquid inside. (I know that you have done this with a Slurpee.) Then you simply remove your finger while holding the straw over the tile, letting the drops fall.

As a side note when I did these tiles I used a Capri Sun straw. When we did it for the party I brought coffee stirrers but we found the drops to be to small and ended up using regular straws, which worked just fine. 

 This last tile I tried doing a specific pattern, like you would find on a tie dyed shirt.
 Eh not so good.

I bought little felt circles at the hardware store to place on the bottom of the tiles, they are a bit rough on the bottom. (The ones you use on the bottom of chairs or decor to prevent scratches.) There is also a glaze that goes over the top of the coasters so you don't lose the color as they are used, but I haven't gotten that far yet. So I will post that how to when I get around to it. :)

Anyway. Have fun!! This could be a fun project for your home or a great gift idea. The holidays are coming up after all...