Monday, August 12, 2013

Munchkin Monday: Back to School Countdown

I don't have any school age kids. I know, I know, why in the world would I make this? Because. It's adorable. Right? I saw this idea on (where else) Pinterest and I couldn't help myself. The original idea came from the blog This and That.

I found a simple drawing of a school bus on Google image, picked out my paper and got started.

I started by cutting out my bus with an exact-o knife. I cut out the wheels separately because I knew I wanted them to be a different color. Your choice if you want to do that or not. I think cutting out the windows is a must.

Then I taped the bus to my paper and got to cutting again. I decided to flip my bus over so you could see the cute flower print on the final product.

I happened to have these cardboard letters from another product and colored them with sharpie for the side of the school bus. I also colored the wheels black. (I had no black paper)

I used this niffty tape I got from staples to stick everything on.

Then I made two inch squares of orange paper and taped/glued the count down numbers to them. (The numbers are just like the cardboard letters from above)

I attached small rectangles of Velcro to each square using hot glue.

And attached the other side to the green paper, all equal distances apart.

The finishing touches were writing the words, (the worst looking part in my opinion, I am not a huge fan of my hand writing) and adding the ribbon on the back to hang it. Just as a side note I used numbers 0 - 9 and made 1 and 2 twice. You could count down from 30 days if you wanted to. (To big of a number to start with in my opinion but 12 numbers looked better on my page than 11. :)

Hope this gets you and your kids in the mood for school. You could even involve them in the process of making it. Everyone have all their school supplies yet? I love school supplies!!