Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIY Thursday: Nail Polish Magnets

I have been working on a wall in my kitchen to make a magnetic/chalkboard calender. We decided to do a pretty big wall and with all that magnetic space I knew that I would need more magnets.

So I purchased a big package of 50 small magnets at Michael's. They were inexpensive but not very attractive. 

In enters the NAIL POLISH! I wanted to "decorate" the magnets somehow but with nothing over the top. I don't want people to notice the magnets, I just wanted then to look less like magnets...

It was really simple I just set them all down on newspaper, chose my colors and got to painting. While I suck at painting my own nails this was really simple. Dip in your brush and do not wipe it on the edge of your bottle. You want it to "puddle" on the magnet, which will make it easier to spread.

You may even decide to dip your brush again to get a thicker coat. The nail polish automatically rounds off at the edges, and the end product looks almost ceramic. Remember to let them dry for several hours, I let them sit overnight, because of the thickness of the polish.

There are my precious little gems on our newly magnetic wall. Fun right? I will be posting a tutorial about the magnetic/chalkboard wall soon. So keep your eyes peeled. :)


Telsha Winger & fam said...

Fun! Love the idea. Thanks for sharing!

Leanne Smith said...

Thanks Telsha. I am glad you liked it! I thought they turned out pretty fun. I might do glitter next time. :)