Thursday, August 1, 2013

DIY Thursday: Moby Wrap

Do you see all those moms carrying their babies wrapped up, allowing their hands to be free?  I do!!  And when I had my baby girl in December, I decided I needed to be hands free since I have a very active 4 year old boy and I am on the PTA board at my daughter's school so I am always needing to go helps with stuff, and sometimes a stroller just doesn't I like to bake a lot and you need two hands for that.  Well, If you want a Moby wrap, those things are expensive!!  $40-$70 for a long piece of material?!  No thanks...I will do it myself for a fraction of the cost.  Your first step....locate a coupon to use for your material...if you have a Joann's nearby they always have at least a 40% off coupon either online, on the mobile app, or in their mailers.  

there are 2 ways to do this, the super duper easy way, or the super easy way.  
The super duper easy way: Find 6 yards of Jersey knit material, or a stretchy cotton (the jersey knit is usually plain colors and the stretch cotton will have designs).  Then, just cut it in half long ways (sometimes you can have the nice ladies at the cut counter do it) and viola!  You actually have 2 wraps....they make great presents.  6 yards can be pricey, that's why I say get a coupon, and if you have a friend go in half, you both get a wrap.

The super easy way:
Get 3 yards of material, cut in half long ways.

Pin the ends together and sew together.

Here is the finished product =)  I actually like having the seam there because when you wrap you have to locate the middle....easy when it is the seam =)  If you just do the 6 yard method, just sew a little mark or even use a marker and make a mark in the middle.

This was me and my pipsqueak baby wearing =)  This was at a gotta love doing the self pictures because otherwise you won't be in any pictures..... It was nice having my hands free to chase candy for me the kids.  My little girl loves it too

And this is when we went to the Treehouse Museum.  It was good holding her in the wrap while I kept my hands free helping Brenna and Ian play and be creative =)

And it makes it easy when they take a nap, you just fold the material over to hold their head so it doesn't flop.

Here is a link to some tutorials on how to wrap.