Monday, December 10, 2012

Munchkin Monday:Felt Christmas Tree

Last year we went sure if we were going to set up a real tree or not cause we were leaving town for Christmas and our little guy was 1 1/2. Was he going to pull the tree over? Play with the ornaments?
Well we decided to make a felt tree to give him something to play with :)
I found my instructions and patterns here
During our little man's sunday we got started! we folded our felt in half and then used white chalk to draw our tree onto the felt. The first tree my husband drew was not pretty so I was even more happy we drew first and cut once :)
 Then we went to town cutting and gluing our ornaments together! We decided to just use hot glue and assigned Dad to be the glue man. The kids and I had fun cutting and creating. I didn't add any heat bond to the backs of the ornaments cause they just stick felt to felt really easy.
I tried using tacks to hold up the tree but they kept popping out and falling onto the floor (not good not good). Then we used duct tape rolled on the back which worked but not great so this year I will buy the command strips and hope they work great!
My kids LOVED the tree and we can't wait to hang it again this year!!
I love his cute little hands playing and working to hang his ornaments.

This is Trinity.  I saw Teresa's felt tree last year and LOVED the idea so I stole it and did one this year too.  So I figured I would piggy back on her post and add my twist of things.  I pretty much did the tree the same, but did my ornaments different.  I wanted to a bit more hands-on for the kids (and I didn't trust them cutting things and I didn't feel like cutting a ton of stuff) so I cut out a bunch of shapes (okay, I traced my Christmas cookie cutters).  Then I had a bunch of leftover fabric paint.  I gave each kiddo a set of ornaments (we did 2 trees because heaven forbid they actually share something!) Then I gave them the fabric paint and told them to have fun!

And this isn't just something for the little almost 15-year old niece got in on the fun and she had a good time doing it (I think more than the kids)

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