Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY Thursday: Snowman fingerprint ornament

Hey Tiffany here! Last year I was searching the internet for homemade ornaments using fingerprints and I came across a tutortial on how to make fingerprint snowmen. I thought it was really cute idea so I decided to make my own. I ended up making an ornament for our tree, and then one for each set of grandparents using my then 3 year old fingerprints. These are really easy to make and the kids love to lend their fingers!

I ended up using an ornament that I already had, but one the tutorial I saw they had used a big clear ornament and had filled it with pretend snow. I used my daughter's middle finger to get the biggest fingerprints. You just place three prints one on top of the other. I made three snowmen and then rubbed some white paint along the bottom of the ornament to form the "ground". I also sprinkled some glitter over the top of the top just for fun and to add some sparkle. Once the paint is completely dry  I used a small brush and painted on the black hats and noses. I used a sharpie to make the eyes and buttons. To complete the ornament I tied on some red ribbon. The grandparents LOVED it and I have to say that I love mine as well :)
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