Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Thursday: "Behold Him" blocks

I love doing wood projects.  (I think we all do on this blog) My sister found this idea for me and then I had to do it =)  I'm not sure where the very original idea came from, but the picture she showed me was from Crafty Wood Cutouts, which is similar to Wood Creations (one of our favorite stores!!).  Since the store is down in Salt Lake, and I didn't want to drive there to buy them, I decided to try and make my own set.

B- I used a 2x3 block of wood that was 6 in. long
e- 2x2 block that was 2.5 in long
h- 2x2 block that was 3 in. long
o- 2x2 block that was 2 in. long
l- 2x2 block that was 3 in. long
d- 2x2 block that was 3.5 in. long
Him block- I used a 2x3 block that was 7.5 inches long
picutre block- I used a 2x4 block and it was between 6-7 inches (I don't remember the exact since it was a leftover block froma previous project, but you can do whatever size to fit your picture)
I got the picture at Deseret Book.  I think it is the 3x5 size.  They have a lot of good ones so you can find one that works best for you =)
First I got my wood cut and figured out where I wanted everything.  I then sanded the edges.

Next, paint your blocks the color you want.  I did 2 sets, one gray and one brown so if you see pics from both, don't get's the same thing =)
Figure out what papers you want on which block.

Then I figured out what paper I wanted on what blocks and got out the mod podge.  Do a layer of mod podge on the block, and then stick your paper on.  Smooth it out to get rid of bubbles. It's okay if the paper hangs over, you'll take care if it later.

When the mod podge is dry, sand off the extra paper on the sides....unless you are a perfectionist and cut them exactly.  I also like to do a distressed look so I sand the paper a bit so it isn't exact (this covers my inability to do anything straight)

The put your vinyl letters on.  I cut my vinyl using my cricut.  The font I used was from the Lyrical Letters cartridge. Then once the vinyl is on, go over everything with a layer of mod podge to seal everything.  Let it dry, then stack =)

I added a bit of ribbon.  This was a set I did for someone.  It was in grays.

This is my set.  I wanted more browns in it since my living room has brown and blue.  The "Him" block is actually a light blue but the flash make it look gray.  These are super easy to do!  You can do it for your next Super Saturday activity.  The best thing, these are things that you can have up all year long!

These are a couple other sets that I made.  I love how simple these are, yet they have a great meaning behind them.

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Thank you SO much for the meaaurements!! You are the best! ;)