Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wild Card Wednesday:Blue and Brown Baby Shower

Here is a fun baby shower I did for my awesome friend! She is doing brown and light blue and elephants for Cameron's room. 
 We had brown and blue streamers twisting vertically behind the food table to make a wall. The jars that hold the letters are just mason jars wrapped in brown ribbon and stuffed with the napkins and some glass rocks in the bottom for weight. Then I printed his name on white paper in a huge font I found on dafonts.   I printed it and Emily colored them light blue and glued the letters on brown card stock and taped them to dowels.

 These are fun tissue paper balls we hung from the ceiling (sideways i know). Emily made these by folding the tissue paper into an according and then tying yarn down the middle. They are fun and added just a little extra pop.
This is the garland I made. It is 5 inches across the top and 6 inches down to the point. I cut all the triangles then I hot glued it to a ribbon 30 ft long :) I left 1 inch between triangles so that they weren't stacked up on each other. Lastly, I free handed a bunch of circles and randomly glued them to the banner.

 Chocolate dipped strawberries covered in blue sprinkles

 Rolls cut and then filled with chicken salad.

 Amazing sugar cookies, cut into feet with light blue frosting. I love my mom's recipe they are super soft and moist, especially when frosted right away.  If you like crunchy cookies then don't frost until you are ready to eat and then they have the crunch when you bite into them! If you want the recipe leave a comment and I will put it up for you :)

 Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes. I know they are pink but Therese requested this flavor and when a pregnant lady wants something you GIVE it to her :)

We kept this part really simple and only had 2 games.

3 Bottles filled with jelly bellies guess the right amount and you get the bottle and the treat.
Then we played the match game. Match 2 words and you get the candy bar.

Mom- Mamba
Dad- Big Hunk
Baby-Babe Ruth
Doctor Bill-100 Grand
Labor or Hemroids-Push Pop
Episiotomy-Rip Rolls
Cravings- Hamburger & Hot Dog Gummi
Umbilical Cord-Lafty Taft the long skinny one (pink)
Family- Take 5 (there will be 5 in this family once baby comes if it is a first child then a 3 musketeer)
Breast Milk- Milky Way
Pregnancy-Rocky Road
Mucus Plug-Gobstoppers
Baby (Cameron)-Baby Ruth
Water Break-Reese's Fast Break
Bottles-Bottle Caps

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Anonymous said...

Oooh! I have been looking for a good sugar cookie recipe! The one we used when I was growing up is somewhere between a cookie and a scone. Way too thick!