Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tips on what to wear for family pictures

Are you getting ready to get your family pictures taken? What to wear? It's the number one question photographers get asked.

As an overall rule, treat everyone's clothing as if it were all one outfit.

1. Pick an Inspiration Piece

· Start with a single piece of clothing that you want in the photos (a scarf, a skirt, dress, pair of shoes, etc.) as your inspiration piece.

· Select the rest of the clothing/accessories to compliment that piece.

· You want to shy away from matchy matchy. Like all the same color shirts. Mix it up with colors, patterns and textures that allow each individual to be unique, yet complement one another.

· With this as your goal, layout the inspiration piece and then go to e

ach person's closet and see what you can find. lay it out on a bed and see if anything jumps out at you and looks off.

2. Think Color

· Color makes the picture pop and can bring the focus to the family instead of the background

· Ask yourself where it will be in your house? consider the colors of the room.

· check out your favorite clothing stores and see what the mannequins are wearing. Keep in mind what color combinations are ‘hot' right now.

.look for colors that are in season, you will be able to find them easier in stores

· Try playing with about three colors. Try to have each color show up at least three times throughout the picture.

· Find inspiration from lots of sources. Look at home d├ęcor magazines, floral bouquets, fashion magazines etc. Choose a color pattern that speaks to you

3. Layer, Texture and Accessories

· Layering adds more color and texture to the photo. I love this one, it is one of my favorite to see in pictures. It gives the picture a little extra and pulls the picture together.

· Try to find clothes that have some sort of texture to them (this could be ruffles, knit, cuffs, stitching, embellishments, or layering of shirts, etc.

· Layers and accessories gives you the option of shedding or adding pieces to create a new look.

4. Remembering the Little Things

· Pick clothes you feel good in. You don't want to be pulling at your shirt the entire photo shoot. make sure you can move, hug and play with your family.

· Make sure nails are clean and trimmed (don't forget the kids!), your clothes are ironed, your kids' temporary tattoos are removed…you get the idea!

· Don't forget about the shoes either, they can add to an outfit or draw unwanted attention to the bottom of the photo. Your feet WILL show!

· Make sure pants are long enough.

· Try to stay away from white shoes.


.props are always a fun thing to make a picture your own and unique. Think of what your family likes to do or something that has been passed down in the family. Think of what your kids like, their favorite stuffed animal, toy, something that is their favorite color, etc.

I hope these tips help you as you get your family ready for pictures. This is a great time to get them taken. Whitney Swapp Photography has a deal going on right now for family pictures.

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