Friday, August 12, 2011

Bow boards

I don't know about you moms that have girls but my little girl has so many bows. Trying to find the one you want can be a problem.  So that is when a bow board come in. This bow board holds all your bows so there is no searching to find the one that matches. You clip the bows on the the ribbon and not only are all your bows organized, it is a cute decoration piece for her bedroom.

Here is what you need:
fabric depending on how big your board is
matching ribbon
nail gun
bow board( I use a cork board or a canvas. You can find both of those at most any craft store)
You want to take your fabric and cover the board using the staple gun to hold it in place. Staple on one side and then do the opposite side and pull it tight.
Then repeat with the other two sides. Watch the corners to make them smooth.  Cut your ribbon the length of the bow board, use the nail gun to hold it in place on the back. Make sure you pull it as tight as you can get it, otherwise when you but your bows on it, it won't hold them up.
When you get that all done you can put a ribbon on to hang it on the wall or stand it
up on a dresser.

If you want one but don't want to make one or you're looking for a last minute gift,
check out my Etsy shop and you can find what you need there.