Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 Day Mom Challenge

I found this Mom Challenge on pinterest that someone pined and i wanted to share it with all the mom's out there.
I think all Mom's can relate to wanting to be better to work harder for your kids. Well here is a 30 day mom challenge i encourage all you mom's out there to try with me. This will start the 1st of September and go all month. At the end of the month i want to hear for all you that tried it and how it turned out in your family and how it made you a better Mother. I know we as mom do these things often but it can't hurt to focus on them a little more. I am really exited for this and i hope you all will get as exited as i am. GO MOM'S.
For each day of the month, find the corresponding number and follow the tip. so, if you begin this a little late like the 10th then start on number 10 and go from there.

30 day Mom Challenge
Mom's ultimate to-do list

1. Ask: "What is one thing we can do together this month?"
2. Go the whole day without yelling at your children
3. Hug your child three times today.
4. Kiss your children while they are sleeping
5. Tell yourself, "He's only____ years old. He's still a child." then, tear him that way
6. Bake, make, or buy them their favorite food.
7. leave a sweet note for them
8. Calculate how many more weekends are left until your child graduates for high school
9. Picture yourself at your child's age. Try to remember how you felt
10. Today's mom focus: JOY
11. Tell your child, "I am glad you're my son/daughter
12. Pray for wisdom in mothering your child
13. Do not criticize your child today
14. Remember that being a mother is a gift
15. Be firm when needed, but not harsh
16. Picture what you want your child to be like at age 25. Mother with the in mind today
17. Laugh with your child today
18. Who is a mom you admire? What quality of hers can you live out today?
19. Teach your child one thing he can do on his own today
20. Today's focus: PATIENCE
21. Forgive yourself when you mess up
22. How do you want your child to remember you? Be that mom today
23. Replace sarcasm with kindness
24. Do mot interrupt your child when he is taking
25. Ask your child's opinion sometime today
26. Make it a point to encourage your child today
27. Do one thing that is good for your health: walk 10 min, eat a fruit, or get a good night's sleep
28. Teach your child a new word
29. Turn off your phone,computer, or TV today when your child is with you
30. Today's focus: LOVE

I hope you all enjoy this and it gives you home a happier feeling, I can't wait to hear how it all worked for you.
If you want a cute print out to hang on the fridge or somewhere so you can remember