Friday, August 26, 2011

Bubble Party

This was such a fun party and the kids loved it!
Plan your last party of the summer with these fun bubble ideas

We filled a swimming pool with hose water and then i put about 2 cups Dawn soap in the pool as it was filling up. It works best if you let it sit overnight but if you don't have that much time right before will work as well.

We took some yarn and threaded it through to straws and tied a knot to make a fun bubble blower. Hold the straws together and dip it in the pool, pull it out still holding them together, then pull them apart AND BLOW

These are the best bubble ever for outside. They are sticky bubbles. They are stick, so they stick to everything. You can find these at the Dollar store, or Michael"s

This was the kids favorite thing. Take a hula hoop and put it in the pool, have the kids stand in the middle and pull it up over their head. It is not everyday you get to say you stood inside of a bubble!

If you don't want the kids to get all wet and bubbly then you can have them stand on a stool.
We also used different things to make bubble: funnel, fly swatter, cookie cutters, pop bottles with the bottom cut could use so many things.
Have your summer go out with a BANG with a bubble party. Your kids will love it!


Triny Kay said...

It was such a fun party =) my kids loved blowing bubbles. i am going ot steal the idea next time I do a get together and we have lots of kids =)

Tiffanee said...

How fun is that!! Very cool. Thanks for sharing!!

S x said...

This looks like great fun! Hope it's warm enough for my daughter's birthday to have a go at this next time!!I have just done a totally opposite icy party though - a penguin party!