Thursday, January 23, 2014

DIY Thursday: Sock Snowmen

Look at these little guys and tell me they are not cute! My 5 year old daughter had an assignment in preschool to make a snowman but without any snow. I gave her a couple ideas and even showed her some examples on pinterest and she decided she wanted to make a sock snowman. I was totally expecting her to want to make something like a paper plate snowman but no she chose the most crafty one! So one afternoon her and I built our snowmen. Sock snowmen are really easy to make and little hands can do most of it on their own. My daughter was so excited with the finished product and couldn't wait to take it to school the next day. I think they turned out pretty good too!

To make your own sock snowman start with a white sock, one that is knee high or mid calf. This is a great project you can use those socks that end up missing their match or that have holes in them. You will then cut the sock at the heel.  Here is my sock cut in half.

Next take the part of your sock that has an opening now on the top and the bottom and put a rubber band on one of the ends. Make sure the sock is inside out!!! When the rubber band is on take the sock and fold it so the rubber band is inside and you cannot see it.

Now you will fill your sock up with beans or rice. I had lots of beans so that is what I used. Make sure to put a lot in there because this is the body of your snowman. When the sock gets full and really close to the top tie on another rubber band.

I didn't take a picture of the next few steps so I apologize. I was having fun creating and forgot to take pictures of all the steps! You now have a sock full of beans or rice. Now you will take another rubber band and tie it around the sock and form the head. You can add another to create three "balls" so to speak or just do one rubber band and have a chubby snowman like ours.

Next you will cut another sock, a cute colorful one the same exact way as we did the white sock and use it as the clothes. Slide the part with a hole on the top and bottom over your snowman. Use the toe part of the sock as the hat. Next you can embellish/decorate your snowman with buttons, flowers, jewels, etc. You can cut a strip of the sock off and make a scarf like I did for my snowman. I used a small black jewel for a nose, but orginally was going to cut a toothpick, paint it orange, and use it as a nose. I didn't have any orange paint though and couldn't run to the store cause my baby was sleeping. It just goes to show you can get creative and use whatever you want!

Now go make yourself this cute winter craft/decoration!