Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween Photo Booth Props

I love the photo booth craze going around. Mainly cause I love being crazy and taking pictures. I don't really love the printable paper props because I want something that will survive kids and multiple uses. First here are a few pictures of us playing in the photo booth cause lets be honest that is what this is about. Then I will show you pics and explain how to make these super easy props. 

See those fun props?
They are made with the plastic pumpkin push in decorations.
All I did was cut the spikey part off the back of the parts. I can't remember what I used (cause I am awful) but I either used scissors or my wire cutters. Then I used a lighter and melted the sharp parts just enough to make sure it was smooth
You can see some used examples of them in their pumpkins here, here or here

Then I used a skewer and hot glued it onto the back. I glued the skewers on at an angle to try to keep your hands off to the side and not in front of your face.
These are really sturdy and none of the skewers have popped off the back and they have been used multiple times and been stored for a year. 
Thanks and enjoy!!