Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wilde Card Wednesday: Canvas Decorations

I wanted to start making a tradition of making something for Christmas for each of my kids.  Last year I made some fleece sleeping bags (if I can find the pictures I will post those).  This year I wanted to do some decoration since I redid the kids' room sa few months ago.  There were a few sayings that I have loved so I decided to do them for their rooms.  They were super easy!  
Here's what I did:  I got the desired size of canvas.  I think all of them were 9x11.  Then I painted each the color I wanted.  I then cut the vinyl in to the size that I wanted.  Then I just put the vinyl on the board, and then coated with mod podge.  

I didn't want my daughter's to be plain so I added some flowers.

Boys don't really need much sprucing up =) 

I did my baby daughter's a bit different since I didn't have any yellow vinyl.  I actually painted the whole thing yellow, then cut out the vinyl (I used some of my scrap vinyl that I hate to throw away) and put it in place.  Then I went over it all with pink pain, and did it streaky so the yellow would show through a little bit.  Then once it was dry I peeled off the vinyl.  Then I did a layer of mod podge and sprinkled a bit of glitter all over.  Once it dried I put mod podge on just the stars and put glitter on them and let them dry.

These projects are super easy to do (and pretty cheap if you use a coupon at the craft store =)  ) You can customize them for each child and for whatever room decor you have.

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