Monday, February 4, 2013

Munchkin Monday: Double- Layered Square Skirt

     So awhile ago, the lovely Emily here on our blog, gave me some fabric squares and told me I had to make something with them and post it on the blog.  This was back last summer.  When I saw them I knew they would be so cute as a skirt for a baby, but that was before I knew whether I was having a boy or girl.  Actually...they were given to me at our 1st birthday party and I was being a stinker and hadn't told the girls yet that I was pregnant....but I think they all suspected but I wouldn't give in and admit it because I was only about 6 weeks along and didn't want to jinx anything. now that I have had my little girl (who is one of the cutest babies in the world!!!!) I can make the skirt =)  I'm hoping it will be one that she can wear for awhile because the style is so cute with leggings so the length doesn't matter much.
       I got the original idea here: Make it and Love it.  This is such an awesome blog!  She has super cute and easy ideas that are great for beginning sewing.  Her tutorial is great!  I will try to share my instructions, but take a look at hers....I'm sure they are much better.

First, get 2 squares of fabric, they can be the same or coordinating.  If you are doing it for a child 1 year or younger, those little fabric squares are perfect!  Otherwise, just cut a squares from your favorite fabric.

 You need to decide how long you want it and then cut it accordingly.  Make sure and compensate for the length you cut for the waist.  So If you want it to be 12 inches, make sure it measures 12 inches from the circle for the waist.

I don't know if you can see it, but there is my circle

Once you have your square shape, you need to cut a circle for the waist.  You can do this the same as you would for a normal circle skirt.  Or take a shortcut....on the Make it and Love It blog she found a bowl about the size that she wanted and traced it.  I did the same thing.

Then turn your squares about 1/8 of a turn so you have the layered look and sew or pin together so you can put the elastic in.
Next, cut your elastic for the size you want and then line it up with the circle opening, pin in place.  You want the elastic to overlap the fabric about 1/4 inch and use a zig sag stitch.  

(please ignore the crooked stitches....this project is very forgiving of crooked lines =)  )I sewed the 2 pieces of fabric together first, ant then pinned it to the elastic so I wasn't battling 3 pieces

Then sew it in place.  Viola!  "sew" easy!  Depending on the fabric you use you may need a hem around the edges.  A knit won't fray so you won't need a hem.  I used cotton fabric, but I like the frayed look on the edges that happens after its washed a few times so I just did a stitch around the edge to keep it from fraying up too much.
I don't know why it is upside down....I changed technology.....

Then find a cute girl to model it for you. =)

It is a little big for her yet =)  but it is going to look really cute this summer, and into the fall/winter when I add some leggings with it and she is running around.  I am all about having things last for multiple seasons/sizes.


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