Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

We would like to share a little about ourselves and our sweethearts.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you sweethearts out there.
We hope all of you get to spend this day of LOVE with the ones you LOVE!

I have more then one LOVE in my life...
Where it all started is my handsome husband. We have been married 6 years in April and can't wait for what is in store for us next. We went to high school together and had a class together. A few years after we graduated we ran into each other and from there it was history.  

Then my sweetest sweethearts are my children. I am so blessed with three beautiful children under the age of 4. Some days it is a mad house but I would not trade it for the world. I LOVE being a mother and a wife. Now that you know my LOVERS secrets all I can do is to wish you all the best Valentines Day and don't forget to share it with all those you LOVE! -Whitney  

Here is one of my favorite pictures of my husband and I at X-Games. I meet my man from a mutual friend and the first day we meet I thought he isn't my type and he thought she is a man hater :) Then we became friends and I quickly told him he wasn't my type and that I would never date or marry him. Well then he slowly brain washed me into loving him and now he is stuck with me for eternity. We went through a few rough experiences while dating that I think helped me realize how much I love and needed him. We are super sassy and still best friends! 
I also have 3 kids like Whitney but not that close in age or that young :) Mine are 9,8,2 1/2. I would show you some fun pics of mine, but I am not that cool to have cute fun pics. I thank my lucky stars every day for the 4 amazing people I get to spend my days with. Our kids keep us laughing and smiling every day.

This is Trinity =) My hubby and I have been married 9 years!!!!  crazy!!! I think I've been married the longest out of all the girls =)  I'm surprised he has put up with me that long.....I'll try and do the quick version of how we met.  I had just graduated from Snow College and decided to go live with my mom for the summer before heading up to Utah State.  Also, at this point, I was totally sick of dating and I was swearing off guys and dating and was going to get ready to put my mission papers in when I got up to Utah State.  My mom lives down in Bullhead City, AZ, where there are hardly any members of the church.  I figured I should be safe there.  Then I went to church.....I saw Jason there, but at the time I figured he had a girlfriend because there was a girl sitting next to him that did not look like a sister.  But I thought he was cute anyway.  After church, I was talking to the Bishop and introducing myself and Jason came up because he had to talk to the Bishop too.  He asked where I was from and when I told him Utah, he asked "What the heck are you doing here?"  Oh words of endearment =)  He was acting all cocky and sure of himself and I thought to myself "he is an arrogant jerk....but a cute one.  I think I'll get a date with him."  Well, he was gone the next week (he went to Cali with some friends) and during that time I made friends with his sister, who I didn't realize at the time was his sister.  We went swimming one day and the girl I saw sitting next to him at church was with us.  She was going on and on about this guy she really liked and could see herself marrying.  I paid no attention to her because I didn't really care.  Then the next week at church I saw Jason again.  It was Memorial Day the next day.  He came up to me in the hall and asked me if I had any plans and I said no.  ThenHe asked if I wanted to go to the lake and go cliff jumping with him and his roommates.  I said sure, sounds like fun. (I used to go cliff jumping when I was younger....on tiny cliffs =)  )  Then while we were talking, his sister and her friend came up and over heard us talking and then his sister invited herself and her friend along.  Then during chuch I noticed he was sitting by himself so I figured what they hey and asked if I could sit next to him since I had no one to sit by.  Once church was over, I had barely walked in the door when my phone rang.  I guess he was so enamored by me that he couldn't wait until the next day to see me and asked if I wanted to come over for a bbq.  So I went over and hung out with him and his roommates.  Then the next day we all went to the lake. (I'm not sure whether he was smart or not so smart for having a first date one in which I would have to be seen in a swimsuit....but since we're married I guess it wasn't all that bad ;) )  Well, while we were at the lake, his sister's friend, Kim, was glaring at me the whole time.  I couldn't figure out why. But if she was going to spoil her day I wouldn't let it bother me and so I had my fun.  When we were finished, the 6 of us (his roommates, sister, kim and us) went back to his place and hung out for a bit.  Thenwe decided we were all hungry so we went out to eat.  Because there wasn't a vehicle to fit us all, Jason said he would drive and I graciously said I would ride with him....and earned some more glares.  As we got to the restaurant, Kim grabbed my arm and said she had to go to teh bathroom and wanted me to come with her....oh we were walking she then chewed me out saying that I knew that she liked him and that she was usually the one that rode in his truck, why was I flirting with him (I think she forgot that he asked me to go) blah blah blah.  At this point I hadn't really flirted too much, but I'm kind of a brat (ask Teresa....she'll agree!) and decided to lay on the charm.  hehe =)  Needless to say, she didn't stand a chance after that.  I asked Jason later that night what he thought of Kim and he said that he had no interest in her and it was usually her mom trying to set them up by making her ride with him whenever he was invited to go hiking or boating with them.  Well....within a week we were "officially" dating.  I was worried how it was all going to go (I know what you are thinking....what happened to the mission plans?) when I moved at the end of the summer.  Well....without any encouragement on my part, he applied to Utah State, was accepted, and followed me up there at the end of summer, proposed 2 days before my birthday (he had planned on waiting for my birthday but couldn't wait =)  ) and we were married in December. (yes, I know...that wasn't short)

These are my 3 cute kiddos!  Brenna is almost 8 and is super sassy and got way too much attitude from me and lots of stubbornness from her dad.....  My handsome little guy is Ian and he is 4 and total boy!  don't you dare call him cute or he will be mad at you!  And our newest addition is little Sophie.  She is just 2 months old and is already spoiled rotten by everyone around her.  my kids are all total stinkers but I love them to death and wouldn't change them for anything!!!  They light up my life and truly make everything worthwhile =)

This is Kayla. My cute husband and I met in December 2009. My friend met him at YSA activity and started bringing him around our group of friends. I of course thought he was cute. Come to find out he thought I was cute too. I didn't think much of it because I thought my friend liked him. Turns out she didn't like him. We started flirting in February of 2010. I realized I had more than a crush on him. I started to pursue it more. One day our friends were too tired to hang out, so I decided to still invite him over to watch a movie. He held my hand and cuddled with me that night. The rest is history. We started dating and fell in love. We went ring shopping in November of 2010. The stinker didn't propose until late June of 2011. I almost went crazy waiting for him to propose. I was relieved when he finally did. We got married September 2011. I love him with all my heart. I can't believe he loves me still because I put him through a lot sometimes. I am glad I get to call him my valentine for the rest of eternity.


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